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Laboratory Accessories price

1. Introduction
All steel shelves is one of the essential safety equipment in the laboratory. In biological and chemical laboratories, it is often in direct contact with highly toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive chemicals, often using fragile glass and porcelain vessels and high-temperature electric heating equipment such as gas, water and electricity. In an environment of intense and meticulous work, we must attach great importance to safe work.
2. Specifications of All steel shelves
Pipe diameter Specification 1: 75mm Specification 2: 110mm
Cover diameter 375mm
3 meters in length
Telescopic pipe material: high density PP polypropylene
3. Features
鈼?The selection and workmanship of each component is very elegant, corrosion resistant, high firmness and flexibility. Joints and hoods do not appear to be pulled, and can be positioned according to user requirements to meet user needs.
鈼?High-density PP joints and high-density rubber joint seals that are not easily aged, easy to disassemble, reassemble and clean.
鈼?Exclusive 360掳 rotating device
鈼?The exhaust hood telescopic duct is extruded from PP new material, which has better corrosion resistance than other PVC venting hoods on the market.
鈼?The fixed base is made of high-density PVC material, which is molded by injection molding. It is non-bonded and has strong fastness and no bottoming.
鈼?There is no welding point on the outer surface of each wall of the stainless steel rigid base. All the welding points are hidden inside and the appearance is more refined. The base material of the bracket is thick, the installation is more convenient, and the appearance of the bracket is flat, smooth, and has no unevenness and is not easily deformed.Laboratory Accessories price

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